Our story

We love custom

In a world driven by consumerism and mass production, where everyone is trying to build as many units, as fast as possible, we want to try something different.
Using cutting-edge technologies and collaborating with strong partners we create bespoke sportwear that are made-to-order and entirely personalised to you.
We do not manufacture more than is needed, create excessive waste, or warehouse products. This greatly minimize our impact on the environment.

The customer rocks

We puts you, the customer, at the centre of product creation. We enable you to create personalized products for you and your team.
We hold no stock. Each piece that we make is personalised to the wearer and is custom-made. Every product in our range exists in digital form until it is ordered.
Using our interactive tools, you can tweak, personalise and play with the digital design to create your final product. Once you click buy, your product is just for you cut, printed, sewn /stiched in Europe. We then ship it out to you.

Join us

We are a multifaceted team composed of athletes, designers, software engineers, striving together for the same goal: create beautiful, and uniquely designed products.
We want to create a platform where anyone could participate in creating good design.
We believe that the products you buy should be as unique as you are.
Who rocks today?

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Via Sile, 41
31056, Roncade (TV)